Transplant Team Questions

No doubt you’ll have lots of questions regarding the procedure and your health as you go through the transplant process. To help better understand all you will be going through, here are some questions you may want to ask your transplant team.

Are there any other options besides transplant for me?

What are the benefits and risks of a kidney transplant?

How long have you been doing kidney transplants?

How many kidney transplants do you do each year? 

What is the success rate of those transplants?

Do you do living donor transplants?

Is paired kidney donation an option in my case?

How long is the waiting list for this area?

What tests are involved in the evaluation process?

How do those results affect my placement on the kidney transplant list?

What factors are taken into consideration when a kidney is offered to me?

Who are the members of your transplant team and what do they do?

How far away from the hospital can I go when I’m on the waiting list?

How fast do I have to get to hospital after I get the call saying you have a kidney?

How long do I have to stay in the hospital after  transplant?

How long do I need to plan for recovery overall?

What medications will I be taking after transplant and what will they cost?

Post transplant, what type of tests can I expect and how often?

What happens and where do I go if I have complications post transplant?

What will the total cost of the transplant be?

Who covers the cost?

What type of insurance do you accept?  Private?  Medicare? Medicaid?

What happens if my insurance company says I have exhausted my benefits?

Will I pay more or less if I have a living donor?

What happens to my discarded kidneys? Can I donate them to research?



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